We’re Calder and Angela, flatmates and DMs based in Edinburgh who can’t get enough of D&D–even when we’re playing it. Here you’ll find a collection of discussions and declarations about our experiences playing and running campaigns based on the Pathfinder 1e rule system.

Angela Hicks is a Midlands-born writer and is an Escape Room and puzzle enthusiast, as well as a seasoned scholar/fan of the Vikings (though importantly not the TV show Vikings). She’s presently writing her first novel, but D&D keeps getting in the way.

Calder Hudson was born in Washington DC and first came to the Scotland to pursue a university degree before later becoming a UK citizen. Calder graduated from a Creative Writing MSc in 2016, which is coincidentally around the time Pathfinder took over his life.

We live near a park full of dogs; this isn’t really relevant to our DMing, but it’s quite nice.

You can also follow both of us on Twitter–Angela via Ms A Hicks and Calder via CMA Hudson.

We hope you enjoy these discussions. If you’re wondering where to start, why not check out our (somewhat) formal introduction?

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